Pool Maintenance

We have a team of well trained employees who have worked with  us for many years. The weekly visits are arranged so that they will come to your house on a certain day of the week and more or less the same time .

They check the chemical readings and adjust as necessary – what is used is recorded for the bills which are issued at the end of each month. It means you pay exactly for what you have used – as every month is different.

We use good quality chemicals and add anti algae to give your pool a blue and sparkling finish. they then brush the walls , vacuum the floor  and backwash when necessary.

They empty the pump and skimmer baskets and check the pump is working for the correct time – this increases as the weather gets warmer and the pool is used more.

If you have a pool heater this can be turned on for you – ready for your visit if you are not in permanent residence.
The minimum pool maintenance contract is once a week and twice a week is advisable in the hot months or when your pool gets heavy use – especially if rented out .

Pool Repairs

Many things can ( and do ) go wrong with pools – such as pumps and filters breaking down, leaks, air getting into the system, pipes and pumps getting blocked, grouting being lost and causing black algae – the list is endless.

If it is a simple small job it can be carried out straight away by our experienced technicians.

If it is a large job we will give you a costing for the work that needs to be done first.

Leak Detecting

We have specialised leak detecting equipment ( both helium and sonic ) which enables the technician to pinpoint the leak – usually within an hour on private sized pools and longer on community or large pools.

We ask you to carry out a few simple tests first to help us find the leak as quickly as possible.

Once the leak is found we will send you a report of what we have found and the cost for repairs.

Pool Renovations

Often on an old pool the walls have become cracked and pipes need to be changed. In this case we advise that your pool gets a complete make over.

Firstly all the old tiles or paint must be removed completely. Then a coat of specialised rubberised /waterproof cement has to be put on – in the case of big cracks we will also use polyester mesh to re-enforce the cement. We then apply a coat of cement followed by brand new tiles and frieze of your choice

With a wide and interesting range to choose from.
When renovating you have the option to add various features you may not have such as an LED LIGHT with a remote control, an automatic water filler, extra jets for heating the pool, roman steps and an automatic pool cover under a new white non-slip surround.

Our pool renovations are given a 5 year guarantee and all work is covered by FULL liability insurances.

On completion of a renovation we offer one months FREE pool maintenance ( depending on your location ).

Pool Design & Construction

We need to have an on site consultation to discuss what you have in mind and to advise you what is possible.

Then we recommend a local architect who will draw up plans that you need to submit to your local town hall for approval.

In the meantime we will present you with a costing for building the pool of your choice.

Once the architects plans are presented and approved you have to pay the building licence and the we can start work.

New pools are given 10 year guarantees and one month’s FREE pool maintenance ( depending on your location).

Automatics Pool Covers

All our covers are opening fast and realize hermetic closing. CAPCOVERS therefore guarantees you that swimming pool will always be clean, warm and safe; it will be protected when not in use and ready for enjoy at any time.

CAPCOVERS provides you with end-to-end service throughout the entire process, from the initial contact until the fitting complete. Each covers is custom made ion our Seville headquarters and they are fitted through our national network of authorised dealers.

CAPCOVERS is a fast-growing company that is operating in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and Greece.

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AstralPool Pool Heaters

AstralPool believe your pool or spa should be a warm oasis, when you want it, without the huge costs associated.

The PROCALOR heat pump is suitable for heating small outdoor swimming pools until 160 m3. Extremely quiet, it can work at 5ºC outdoor air temperature with gas R410A Made in plastic it has Titanium heat exchanger, flow controller, 4-way valve and filter control.

AstralPool heat pumps enable pool temperatures to be raised so that the swimming season can be lengthened cheaply and swimmers can use the pool in comfort.